How to unlock a locked steering wheel

These are instructions for every year make and model of any vehicle that was ever built.

1) every steering wheel new’s to the right and to the left, when you’re steering will is locked if you move it in one direction it will have very little give, very solid, and the other direction will have a bit more give to its and feel a bit springy. Turn the wheel from side to side with both hands and see if you can feel which direction has a springiness to its and wants to spring back. In those circumstances the left side has springiness to it because the steering wheel is locked when people exit their car and pull on the steering wheel.

2) do not try to shake the steering well back and forth to unlock it. Make sure you turn and hold the wheel and hold it in one place in the direction that it feels springy. When you’re holding the steering wheel and the wheel has a feeling that it wants to spring back, you have the steering will in a good position, try to turn the key but do not force the key to turn so that you might damage it.

3) if you try the instructions in step ones in step two and the key will not turn, call a car locksmith so they can come out and fix the problem. Do not attempt to hit the key or force the key to turn as it may damage the key or the lock cylinder and end up costing you more money. Many keys these days cost well over $200 to replace, also if the key breaks off in the ignition it can be very expensive.