Truck keys locked in car in Greensboro, NC

How to unlock a locked steering wheel

These are instructions for every year make and model of any vehicle that was ever built.

1) every steering wheel new’s to the right and to the left, when you’re steering will is locked if you move it in one direction it will have very little give, very solid, and the other direction will have a bit more give to its and feel a bit springy. Turn the wheel from side to side with both hands and see if you can feel which direction has a springiness to its and wants to spring back. In those circumstances the left side has springiness to it because the steering wheel is locked when people exit their car and pull on the steering wheel. …Continue Reading

Dog locked in your car in Greensboro, NC

It’s a great day, sunny outside, the perfect day to go to the park with your dog in Greensboro NC. So you drive out to the nearest park and you locksmith_greensboroguys take a walk, or you go to bark Park the dog park at country Park. There are lots of dogs there that are really friendly and your dog can run around and act crazy and I’m a great time while you sit back and get to know the other dog owners. You wish that every day could be like this, nothing really much to do, no work or no responsibilities or at least responsibilities that you have to do now and you can just hang out your dog and other dog people. Good times. So you walk around the park a little more until the dog gets tired and you decide it’s time to leave. But hopefully you can come back next weekend or when you have some time off and enjoy more time in nature with your doggie. …Continue Reading

Locksmith for cars for college students (UNCG, A&T, Bennett College, Guilford College, or Guilford Tech)

The time spent in college can be summed up as best time of your life. But it can be a very chaotic time, that you can be distracted and do some pretty silly things. There are a lot of various stimulus is that can distract you in many different ways. It is a time of discovery of yourself and making friends for life. During these turbulent times very often you can forget things and make mistakes. But you can also learn from your mistakes. That is what learning is all about. Don’t let locking yourself out of your car at college ruin your good time. You need a Locksmith Greensboro NC. Whether you go to UNCG, A&T, Bennett College, Guilford College, or Guilford Tech. …Continue Reading