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Locksmith FAILS – Doing it yourself can be expensive

Getting locked out of your car and being incredibly frustrating life event. But you should not let your emotions get the best of you because if you do you might have to pay for it. Take for example your locked out of your car, you look around desperately to find something to get yourself back in the car as quickly as possible. In this situation a brick through the window might sound pretty good. But replacing a window depending on your car’s make and model can cost upwards of $700. 20 years ago a majority of the cars on the road could be opened up with a wire coat hanger. Most of the cars had vertical buttons that could be pulled up relatively easy with a coat hanger. Nowadays most modern cars


have push button locks that are impossible to open with a wire coathanger. On numerous occasions I’ve arrived to the location of a car and the person locked out of the car was trying to open the door with a wire coathanger. And many of these instances they had unfortunately scratched some of the pain off their door to REM or damaged some of the weatherstripping around the car door. These can be very costly repairs, running into the hundreds of dollars. And even though they attempted to open the door with a wire coathanger they were unsuccessful and had to call a locksmith anyway. There are lots of do-it-yourselfers out there, but in the case of amateur locksmith it can be costly. In most instances when you are locked out of your car you are much better off just to call a professional locksmith and not damage your car with an improvised method when your keys are locked in your car.


I’ve seen people jam sticks, steak knives, screwdrivers, and any other object that you can think of into a car door trying to open the door. They only end up messing up the door.


It’s only when you have the correct tools to open up a car door that you can easily get in the car without creating damage. Locksmith tools are specially designed to not create damage or scuffs to the paint or exterior of the car. Which would you rather opt for; damage to your car plus the expense of the service of a locksmith or have a locksmith come open your door with no damaged your car? It’s only when you think rationally about the possible outcome of opening your car door and getting the keys out of lots car that the idea of throwing a brick through the window is not an option. A comical option perhaps but not a good one.


At $40 unlocks your ride we provide the best service at the best price annual will arise at your location in less than 20 minutes. And we promise not to damage your car. If you live in Greensboro please call us today at 336-447-3853.



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