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What to do when you lock your keys in your Car?

You just got out of your car and and something is wrong. For a split second you don’t know what it is, but the dread of the realization hits you – you locked your keys in your car! You panic briefly. A cold chill moves through you. “Why! Not today! You have so much to do! Why did I have to lock myself out of my car today!” The keys dangle from your ignition taunting you.

No days is a good day to by locked out of car. It’s an inconvenience we can all to without. But it happens to all of us one time or another. We have all been a victim of being too hurried or preoccupied with tasks of the day and have forgotten essential details like leaving keys in your seat and locking the car door behind you. You wish you could somehow magically reach through the closed window and pluck those keys from their resting place in the locked car, but you are short on that kind of mojo today. Thankfully you can call the 24 hour emergency auto locksmiths at $40 Unlocks My Ride to get you back on the road and back to your life in no time.

Not only can we unlock your car, we can change your tire, give you jump start or deliver emergency gas. Give us a call at (336) 447-3853 and let us help you unlock that car door today.

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