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Why you should not use a coat hanger to try to open your locked car door

locksmithHave you ever been locked out of your car? It’s not a good feeling is it? A car gives people a great deal of security in their modern life. And without it they feel like they have been stripped of their mobility and freedom. So when you’re locked out of your car, the first thing you want to do is get back in your car as soon as possible. In the 70s and 80s many cars had vertical pushbuttons on the door that were easy to gain access to and pull up with a coat hanger. It seems like everybody knows this trick. But nowadays this is not the case. Most cars on the road no longer have vertical push button locks on the doors. So using a coat hanger on a car door that does not have a pushbutton lock is an exercise in futility. Here are the reasons why you should not use a coat hanger to try to open up your car door. Coat hangers do not work to open car doors they used to be you can open most car doors with a coat hanger. Many people when they were younger saw their father or uncle open the locked car door with a coat hanger. It was a pretty neat trick. But nowadays most of the cars on the road do not have locks that are able to be opened with a coat hanger.

Back in the day most cars had vertical push button locks on the doors. These type of locks only need to be pulled up vertically in order to be unlocked. A person with a little bit of patience and understanding of how a lock works could squeeze a wire hanger behind the door and use the crimped in of the hanger to snag the vertical button and pull it up. But nowadays most cars on the road have pushbuttons on the interior of the car door which are virtually impossible to push in with the flimsy coathanger. Coat hangers can cause damage to your car door using a coat hanger to try to open up your car door may seem like a good idea when you’re locked out of your car, but in most instances it will not be able to open the car door on a newer car. In order to get a coat hanger in between the car door and the car door frame it requires a certain amount of pushing and squeezing the coathanger into the small area between the door and the frame. In the process of squeezing the hanger between this narrow area is very likely that you can damage the paint on your car door and car rubbing it off or scratching it off and causing an unsightly mess to your expensive car. Also by trying to jam a coat hanger into the car door you can very easily damage the rubber that insulates and prevents noise to the interior of your car. This can be a very costly repair because you have to take the car to get this repaired because these items are not sold at a department store. A professional car locksmith has lockout tools which are specially designed to open car doors on any make and model of cars with no damage or threat of damage to your car. A word to the wise; you end up saving more money by hiring a qualified locksmith that is bonded and licensed than tried to perform amateur locksmithing on your own vehicle. Because by using a wire coathanger you run the risk of damaging your car and the end result of not opening your car door and having to call a locksmith anyway. Wouldn’t it be better just to call locksmith in the first place instead of damaging your car, having to repair the car, and calling a locksmith to open the car door anyway?

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