HOURS: 7:00AM - 12:00AM
CONTACT: 336-447-3853

About Us

When there is an emergency people want to be able to get a flat rate locksmith that they can count on. They don’t want to wait hours for someone to show up and they don’t want to feel ripped off by bait-and-switch pricing. This is why I created $40 Unlocks My Ride.
Before I created $40 Unlocks My Ride my girlfriend was locked out of her car one day, late for work and needing anyone to help her unlock her car. She called 411 and a “locksmith” arrived and opened her car and charged her $110.00. After sharing this disconcerting story with me, we hatched a business idea and made “lemonade out of lemons”.  A flat rate car unlocking service that treats people with respect and only charges $40, the cheapest price in Greensboro NC. I love meeting customers and being able to help them. And customers like paying a flat rate price for Car Locksmith, any time (Hours of operation: 7am-12am). If you ever get locked out of your car I will be at your car in usually 20 minutes and will only charge $40 regardless of the time of day. So, if you need my help please call us at 336-447-3853 today.