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Dog locked in your car in Greensboro, NC

It’s a great day, sunny outside, the perfect day to go to the park with your dog in Greensboro NC. So you drive out to the nearest park and you locksmith_greensboroguys take a walk, or you go to bark Park the dog park at country Park. There are lots of dogs there that are really friendly and your dog can run around and act crazy and I’m a great time while you sit back and get to know the other dog owners. You wish that every day could be like this, nothing really much to do, no work or no responsibilities or at least responsibilities that you have to do now and you can just hang out your dog and other dog people. Good times. So you walk around the park a little more until the dog gets tired and you decide it’s time to leave. But hopefully you can come back next weekend or when you have some time off and enjoy more time in nature with your doggie.

So you get back your car in the parking lot and the dog hops in the car and you leave the keys in the ignition turned on the car so you can turn on the AC and you guys can cool down because it’s kind of a warm day you go back to the trunk to put away some stuff you brought with you and then it hits you you think you locked the keys in your car. But that couldn’t happen because the dog is in there, you would like your dog in your car. You walk around the car and sure enough it’s true: the dog is locked in the car and the car is running. For a second you start to panic, does your dog going to burn up in their from the heat? Thankfully it’s not a 90 degree summer day in your dog will be okay for a while. But you feel like a really bad dog owner right now and feel embarrassed that you left your dog in this situation. What you do now? Thankfully you have your phone with you and you call 411 and ask for a locksmith number. Time is of the essence, you don’t want to leave your dog in the car longer than it has to be in there. Your poor dog is staring at you wondering why he is in the car and you are not. You are both confused by this situation. The best locksmith will arrive at your location in 20 minutes or less, that you be a safe amount of time on the day that is not too hot so your dog will be okay and will not suffer heat exhaustion. But you still feel really guilty for locking your dog in your car and you hope that they arrive soon.

When the car locksmith comes out and unlocks your car you are relieved and give your dog some water but the dog is more interested in meeting new friends and sniffing around. But he seems relieved to be out of the car and back with you. A near tragedy averted think of this you had your phone with you, you promise yourself you are never lock your dog in your car again.

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