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Yellow Page Directory Scam – Don’t be a victim!

There are so many scams online today it’s absolutely incredible. If you do any sort of business online you always have to be on guard. That is especially true for small business owners. Scammer companies know that small businesses do not have the financial resources to sue them for their malicious scams. Take for example Yellow Page Directories.

Scam Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages Directories
1325 Capital Pkwy Ste 123,
Carrollton, TX 75006

The Yellow Pages is not a trademarked name. So anyone can call themselves a “yellow page” directory. “This gives a lot of latitude to scammers to create a suppose it “yellow pages” directory and try to charge businesses for suppose it free listings. This scam happened to us. We were sent a letter by yellow page directories asking if we wanted to be included and have a free listing. There was absolutely no indication that the listing was a paid listing. But a month later we got a bill for over $300 indicating that we were overdue and payment for our free listing. The invoice that the company sent looked completely legitimate. And if you had sloppy record-keeping you would pay it, thinking that you had neglected to pay a bill. But fortunately for us this was not the case and we knew that this was a scam. But these scammer companies are relentless in their ability to try to collect on free listings that are in fact not free. We got a call one morning from the very same company asking if we wanted to pay our overdue bill. This caught me off guard since I like to pay all my bills whenever I get them. I thought it was another company that I did do business with an advertised with. I gave them the credit card information and hung up the phone thinking that I had paid for a legitimate bill. After doing some due diligence I realized it was the same scammer yellow page directory company that tried to bill me via invoice a month before. I called them back telling them I would not pay for the bill it was not a legitimate bill and if they tried to charge me I would dispute the charges with the credit card company. Their response was they were going to see send the bill to collections. This of course was a thinly veiled threat they were going to try to ruin our business credit.

What to do if you get scammed by fake Yellow Pages

1) Don’t PAY THEM ANYTHING!! If you do call your credit card company or bank and ask they stop payment.

2) Filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, and the United States Postal Inspector.

3) I have reviewed some of the complaints made to the Better Business Bureau, and when people have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about this company the fake Yellow Pages directory canceled their account. So if you have been scammed by a Yellow Pages directory file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and hopefully the company will delete your account. Also make sure to review your company bank account to be sure that you are not charged by the scammer company.  I encourage all small businesses and locksmiths to be vigilant.

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