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5 things you can do if you are locked out of your Car

You just parked your car, you are in a hurry and you slam the door and go on your way. Then you get a sick feeling. Something is wrong. Not sure what it is. Then it hits you. You are not sure you have your car keys. You feel in your pocket or look in your purse. You always put your keys in there. You feel around quickly. Think positive thoughts, the keys are in there. But they aren’t. With certain amount of panic and dread you look in your locked car and hope that you don’t see them in there. You look in the window. At first you don’t see your keys. A brief sigh of relief. But then you scan the car seat and there they are. The keys sitting there and not with you like you thought. The sickness wells up in you again. What do you do? You don’t have time for this! And you need your car to go to work or anything else. The car is the passport to freedom and you have lost it. Here are some tips to get you back in your car if you have locked your keys in your car for our friends in Greensboro, NC.

1) Safety First!
If you don’t feel safe where you are locked out of your car in Greensboro, NC don’t take a risk, call 911 right now.

2) Does someone have a spare key to your car?
Does your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife have a spare key for your car? Hopefully they have a spare key on their key chain for your car. Do you have a spare key at home that someone can get for you? Or do you have a magnetic hide-a-key case on your car that you can now use to open your car door? Did you get a valet key with your car that you have a home that a friend car get for you?

3) Do you have a older car with pull up knob?
Older cars or in many cases American cars have a pull up knob on the window ledge. If you have access to a coat hanger it is possible to bend the hanger straight and possibly pull the knob up to open it. If you want to try this, after you straighten the hanger make a small hook on the end of the hanger and squeeze the hanger through the rubber molding on the car door and very carefully move the hanger hook towards the knob and pull the knob up with the small hook. BE VERY CAREFUL. A hanger can scratch the paint on your car. If you have a newer car you might have second thoughts about this option.

4) Did you happen to leave your trunk open?
If you did, don’t close it! In many cars you can push the back seat down and gain access to interior of the car. Some cars have pull tab in the trunk behind the backseats that will unlock the seat and allow you to push the seat down. Hopefully the back seats are not locked.

5) If you can’t get in your locked car call Greensboro Roadside Assistance
We are available 24/7 everyday of the year and are centrally located in Greensboro and will get to you fast and get you back in your car ASAP. Call $40 Unlocks My Ride at 336-447-3853.

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